“Everyday Use. Guest. Fancy Guest.”

Bestfriend and I have taken a break from our travels and have spent the last two days desperately searching for my new abode.  I will be relocating for my job beginning in January, and finding a place promptly is essential, as the leasing process is necessarily slowed down by the fact that I can’t simply walk into the complexes and sign on the dotted line.  It is even more complicated because I haven’t seen many of the places in question.  I am relying on the wonderful and charitable B to check out the final contenders.

I spent most of yesterday convinced that I had found the industrial studio of my dreams.  My hopes were quickly dashed by Googlemap, which revealed a large highway just outside my would-be window.  Conveniently, of course, the highway is nowhere to be found in any of the official photographs.

Another set of downtown lofts were vetoed after they turned out to be in a desolate, crumbling part of downtown.  I just can’t park in an alleyway.  Can’t do it.  Not late at night, nor in heels.

Bestfriend hates that I have vetoed these locations, as my safety is secondary to style.  Or so he jokes.

After scouring everything and finding few places that are both convenient to live and convenient to commute from, I’ve whittled down the choices to two less than desirable options: Commute or Cost.

Cost:  One unit is in close proximity to work, and has a live/work mixed use development feel.  The town I’m moving to has very (VERY) little that one can walk to.  Sidewalks simply aren’t a part of the master plan, and highways are a way of life, even to the closest of destinations.  This complex is the only area in the city in which you can walk to places to eat or shop.  Having spent the last 7 years in remarkably walkable — near perfect, I might add — college towns, this is a huge draw.  It will, I am hoping, help me venture outside my apartment even after a long day.

Downside? It is painfully expensive.  It’s also missing amenities that one would expect with such a price tag.  Example: No washer/dryer.

Commute:  The apartment with everything comes with a commute I’d rather avoid after (or before) a grueling day.  With the commute comes additional costs: loss of sleep, lots of gas, and the need to exercise my poor driving skills on a regular and prolonged basis.  On the plus side, it is homey, closer to B, and comes with a washer/dryer and attached garage.

And still, I can’t make up my mind.  I’ll attribute this to the fact that neither option is palatable right now.  Neither option is what I’d hoped for, nor have already decorated in my head.

I know that it’s just an apartment, but when you’re starting your life over in a  city by yourself…

sometimes the apartment needs to float your boat.



One response to ““Everyday Use. Guest. Fancy Guest.”

  1. In case you’re taking votes, and because I sympathize – commuting is really bad, all of the time. A deeply unpleasant experience. It is almost certainly worth the extra cost to avoid it, even if you do have to get in your car and drive to a laundromat to do your laundry. The laundromat is also an unpleasant experience, but one you only have to do once every week or two, rather than every day.

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